Aside: This Was Offensive

The Victim Who Cried Wolf

This is what happens when women get greedy

If a guy doesn’t attract the person he thinks he should do you know what the response is? It’s on the guy to fix things to improve his chances

But when women can’t find romantic success suddenly it’s everyone else’s fault

Blame it on the app, blame it on creepy men, blame it on your race

Blame it on everyone but yourself

How is admitting the fact that physical appearance is something you value in a female considered shallow but wanting a guy to “charm your pants off” isn’t?

Attraction isn’t a choice. You know what is? Getting over your ego and learning how this world works. Beggars can’t be choosers, so maybe these women need to “man up” and approach the person they’re interested in meeting

Put down that phone and well, how do you say it?

connect with someone