Aside: The Thing I Forget the Most


The Thing I Forget the Most

My age

In school they taught us a linear path to our goal made sense. We grew up knowing how to confidently count to 100 without any anxiety. Just ask the next guy and he already knows what comes next in his sequence of life. It’s his age +1

However just ask a mathematician and they’ll say there are infinite ways to end up on the positive side of an equation. Linear algebra solves a ton of problems. But so do imaginary numbers, abstract theories, and complex analysis

Easy is easy. New is different. Better? That’s up to you

If you’re always living within a set of expectations determined by someone else you’ll always get results determined by someone else. Accepting you possess a past only unique to you means not settling for a future merely conventional for them

And then ask yourself how many people do you know that fell in love because of a number?


Now that’s one number even I admit

you shouldn’t forget

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