Aside: The secret to being single

The secret to being single

No one questions

sex before marriage

sex before relationship

sex before friendship

But the very requisites for any committed partnership are always

compatibility before marriage

personality before relationship

trust before friendship

Selling your lust to short your mind is what everyone accepts practices and relies upon as normal sane and proper

It’s easier to frequently bed and subsequently evade the basic tenants of an attractive personality and lifestyle

It’s harder to rarely bed and subsequently embrace the basic tenants of an attractive personality and lifestyle

Of which the latter traits all the destined single and supposedly satisfied comically admit only come with time location and an std free kiss from lady luck

But never the conscious inner desire to be more than a hot piece of ass looking for a hotter ride to upgraded lifestyle and increasingly status security

Yet the very time spent playfully on the physiciality of others often leaves you rubbing up against the hopeless friction of the exact same headless bodies in search of the exact same drug as significant other yore

a fuckable person first

a non annoying person second

and an endearing person last

By this formula everyone is happy by midnight but dreadfully depressed by morning

Because as the makeup of liquor wears off you couldn’t possibly conceive of a valid reason why you’d share space with this person other than to adoslecently please yourself with their body

So if everyone inevitably chooses “I do” after “She’ll do”

Then doesn’t it make super sexy sense

To not just be the one everyone wants to bed by the first meeting

But also have the persona and willingness to be the only one they’d want to see on their last?