Aside: terminally chill

terminally chill

funny how we plan to live for a long time but we’re assuming the calculated death age

I can count numerous people who forcibly pass away or accidentally perish well before the calculated death age

they have to

or there wouldn’t be a calculated figure


we like to assume we’re better luck and health than average

funny how we plan for worse case scenarios at work and in personal life savings

but we actually don’t believe we’ll die before average

maybe the trick is to think you’ll die well before average

unlike working really hard to “retire” early

you won’t be wasting your time collecting speculative exhibits for your bank statement that you’ll only have a decade to spend before your expected death

you’ll instead be spending it on things that make you and others feel better than now

and every minute after your predetermined premature and “irregular” age of death

will be like getting the second chance at life

that so many never knew always existed

because they didn’t actually want it

and because they didn’t actually believe it