Aside: Tailor Was Added to the Bro Dictionary


Is this real?

Does this mean one day fraternities will be trading their hoodies for rumpled cotton blazers, boat shoes for Common Projects, and letter pins for engraved tie bars? That clip—mind you—would of course be fastened over a nubby wool tie.

Did that guy actually recommend J.Crew suits (THEY MAKE SUITS???) over their lesser priced, boxier mall chain counterparts? And yes, you did see a fraternity member reference Japan outside of anime, video games and oddball pitchers.

I hope the next letter dissects the price point geography of Topman versus Asos (sorry Uniqlo, $90 cashmere only gets you so far) and how stores like Club Monaco don’t stand a chance once a guy figures out Barneys has this thing called the Warehouse Sale.

11/12 UPDATE: It is real. Brings back memories of college days trying to collect used H&M shirts off eBay and Diesel Zathans from Buffalo Exchange—oh to be young again.

Photo credit: Jon Weiss