sheep called the doggie back


When the world’s wisdom is no more than its inescapable worry.

[320 words]

maybe the reason why no one has the time energy or passion to become helpful and loving to others is because they’re told their entire life to do things that steal their time energy and passion

all of the written word fancy spoken tours and visual flair of the successful often hog our waking hours pre and post work time

but when you think about it (just try for a minute even though I’m sure after work it’s the last thing you want to do next to find out your significant other is in the room with another)

if all the great wisdom of the commons actually worked then why the fuck are people still struggling to make ends meet find their dreams and go to bed sincerely awaiting their next day?

duh life is not perfect and you won’t always be happy

im just pointing out that yes you’ll be sometimes unhappy but even then why the hell don’t you ever feel the urge or desire to do something different than what you’ve been told to do?

yeah you may say I’m righteous for recommending being better for others so just substitute whatever activity you’d really want to do but never have

ask yourself all this time is it because they’ve told you it’s your own fault consciousness and hardworking willpower?

Or is it them?

(pressure flipping first the blame is the easiest and most effective way to clear the name of even the most maliciously sloppy advice)

If you’re like most westernized programmed sheep told what to do since birth you already know you’re supposed to say it’s because of you

so this time why not try something new

and just accept it’s them

you can after all love the person and hate their advice

and believe me

if you’re reading this instead of doing what you love

then it’s from their shitty advice

and certainly not mine :)