Aside: she always did like mysteries

she always did like mysteries

sure you’ve already heard it’s all about timing timing timing

the plastic and non offendable label we attach to fix any result we wish was different

why after all these wise and prosperous years no one has added on the logical extension?


anyone the more literate understands it’s important or even “healthy” to pitch your tent nearest those familiar family friends and welcoming lovers

but what if it was more prudent and even more peaceful

to spend both your predictive and physical fortunes

finding the best way to leave those you previously knew to be all the familiar family friends and off putting lovers

that the key was moving away instead of moving closer

then that leaves what you didn’t have access to before in your narrow untested perspective of logistical convenience

something yet proven yet friendly yet loving

and at least completely temporarily void from what you all hated once settled before


or someone