Self Review So Far


Description of the phases of this author’s writing.

Stage 1: Origins of the “Nice” and “Naive”

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Pre-Stage 2: Emotional Fallouts and Winter Depression

  • Dates: 1/2014 – 6/2014
  • Timeline: 6 months of no writing (1/1/14 – 6/1/14)
  • Lifestyle: Isolated reflection, Angry sulkiness, Daily regret and confusion
  • Author’s note: I didn’t write at all during this stage and I hated everyone I knew. My purposeful life void is evident in the lack of any writing. 

Stage 2: Eventual Exploration and Undiscovered Formats

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  • Dates: 6/2014 – 12/2014
  • Timeline: 6 months (6/28/14 Two Days Short of Six Months12/14/14 The Best Climbs Are Always the Longest)
  • Total Writings: 16
  • Favorite Posts: Two Days Short of Six Months, Boy Meets Girl (photo project), Do You Play to Win?Some of My Favorite Moments of 2014
  • Themes: Reverse sexism, Attractiveness, Insecurities, Solidarity, Complacency, Patience, Truth
  • Formats: Meta self critique, Creative cultural critique, Minimalist creative philosophy, Straightforward internet list
  • Influences: RooshV, Mark Manson, Michael Chabon, Girl who rejected me, Working again
  • Lifestyle: Second chance, Freedom from past mistakes, Extroversion, Trust in psychological gifts, Fast experimentation with unpopular social perspectives, Confrontation and resolution with shitty friends
  • Author’s Note: I started this run off with a meta review of my break from writing in the style of a pop culture critique of the first half of 2014 (Two Days Short of Six Months) – very snobbishly clever and over the top snarkiness at its finest. This was also the first time I introduced a more free verse, conversational format (see Grimes Speaks the Truth and Can You Answer Honestly?) I call the minimalist creative format, which would later evolve into my primary format of poetic philosophy. In these pieces I focused on adding a sharper conclusion or inference than before. I also started being okay writing polarizing opinions and pointing out peoples’ questionable motives – less “nice” and more “maybe you’re completely wrong and stupid for not questioning yourself” – see (This Was Offensive). 

Stage 3: The Breakthrough and Unpredictable Perspectives

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  • Dates: 1/2015 – 12/2015
  • Timeline: 12 months (1/24/15 It’s Already Better Than You Think - 12/27/15 No End Without Beginning)
  • Total Writings: 19
  • Favorite Posts: I actually love every single post from this stage but especially You’re Not the Dancer You’re the Dance, Brains Don’t Have Feelings, and More Sharks in the Water
  • Themes: Duality, Symbolism, Language, Relativism, Non-conceptualism, Reverse sexism, Emotionality, Time, Unconventionality, Pleasure and pain, Iterating Contentedness
  • Formats: Poetic philosophy (alpha and beta stage)
  • Influences: Recreational powder overdose, Andy Yang (single), Alan Watts, Zen literature, Taoism, Brain Pickings, Working from home, 30th birthday @ Portland
  • Lifestyle: Heavy partying and roommate bonding, Exceptional productivity at work, Intense acquisition of eastern philosophy knowledge, Open expression of feelings and thoughts to others
  • Author’s Note: For an entire year I was on a complete reformation of my perspective on life and myself. I finally gave up the idea that it “could get better later” and decided to allow it to be “itself now.” That sounds all new agey and cliche but I realized we spend most of our energy thinking about thoughts that have no physical bearing on our actual existence and worse, these thoughts are always incorrect (or ironically reverse) about the reality of our environment – see (You Are Your Worst Backseat Driver and Products of Success Not Precursors). I introduced a brand new format I don’t think anyone else uses on the internet, poetic philosophy, which was an upgraded version of the minimalist free verse format from the previous stage. This format had more original phrasing (even sometimes a layer of sharp visual phrasing, see Forgetting Your Own Lies) and I began to focus on the lyrical performance of each word to create a specific feeling at the end. I’d say I truly nailed this format first in 2/2015 with (Like Most Bad News) where there are three stanzas representing past, present, and future all the while drawing out the analogy between our own false thoughts and the shit of daily news and, of course, ending with a single line hook. 

Stage 4: Perfected Form and Victory Lap

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  • Dates: 1/2016 – 10/2016
  • Timeline: 10 months (1/7/16 The Wisdom of Inaction10/19/16 Free From World’s Truth
  • Total Writings: 13
  • Favorite Posts: I absolutely love every single post in this stage but especially Out of Focus, Sleeping Through Denial, A Most Transactional NatureSenses Don’t Lie People DoCreative Fucking, Free From World’s Truth
  • Themes: Unpopular truth, Popular fiction, Lies we sell ourselves, Men and women, The future, Unknown motives
  • Formats: Poetic philosophy (final form)
  • Influences: Rollo Tomassi, The Red Pill, My own gut instincts, My own two eyes
  • Lifestyle: Physical unhealth, Disbelief in Seattle, Loss of friendship, Loss of hope, Complete boredom
  • Author’s Note: Even though I was sliding back into depression and lost boredom, this is nonetheless where I finally settled on a cadence of writing one amazing piece per month. Personally it’s difficult to even describe the themes here, they range from existing themes I explored in Stage 3 to also uncomfortable areas I’m pretty sure no one talks or thinks about. Some posts got really deep into the philosophy of the mind (Senses Don’t Lie, People Do and Pictures Never Due Her Justice). To my surprise and despite writing much less than the previous stage, I ended up pushing my poetic philosophy format into a far greater level of aesthetic, making each monthly post incredibly consistent and entertainingly finite in delivery. I drastically improved my lyrical sense, exposition of syllables, pacing, length, and breaks resulting in a full bodied reading and visual experience, instead of simple, free verse inferential pleasure of before. The best example is my favorite piece of all time (Out of Focus) that describes a beautiful analogy of how special snowflakes and “The One” only exist in a very narrow biased perspective of our minds that we use to mend our insecurities (check out the last stanza’s visual flourish of shortening each next line leading into the hook). I also wrote my first longer form article in over 2 years (Sleeping Through Denial) and followed it up with a medium length piece (Creative Fucking). Both take style elements from my poetic philosophy and are written with a more lyrical format than previous long pieces. This stage was signed off in typical meta fashion with the wordy piece (Free From World’s Truth) that reveals the key to many life’s problems is utilizing the exact tool the author has learned to change for the better since starting his blog: perspective.