novelty is a crime

novelty is a crime

sharing that one bedded moment together

all that’s pleasurable deserved or dreamt

means you two did “make it”

but also means every moment after that

can’t be shared the same way before

for now there’s a new set point

that so many lovers drive until failure to climb

and even fewer committed

realize changed at all

until far too late

she always did like mysteries

she always did like mysteries

sure you’ve already heard it’s all about timing timing timing

the plastic and non offendable label we attach to fix any result we wish was different

why after all these wise and prosperous years no one has added on the logical extension?


anyone the more literate understands it’s important or even “healthy” to pitch your tent nearest those familiar family friends and welcoming lovers

but what if it was more prudent and even more peaceful

to spend both your predictive and physical fortunes

finding the best way to leave those you previously knew to be all the familiar family friends and off putting lovers

that the key was moving away instead of moving closer

then that leaves what you didn’t have access to before in your narrow untested perspective of logistical convenience

something yet proven yet friendly yet loving

and at least completely temporarily void from what you all hated once settled before


or someone


the price of peace of mind

peace is always free yet never cheap

we dont partner our best lovers as much as their feelings embrace us

and we dont partner our worst lovers as much as our feelings betray us

so why do we settle for merely adequate and unforgiving careers

as wed rather die together ransomed by the financial stresses of life

than die alone free from the frivolous admiration of green paper numbers

lies of tomorrow are truths of today

lies of tomorrow are truths of today

ill be the first to admit unrealistic expectations piss everyone off make people stressed and usually break more things than fix

but the golden caveat no one ever grants the soapbox philosopher to take credit for

is that for any will need or want to be unrealistic

then that pre supposes the observer of that will need or want

has based their righteous request upon what’s actually right and square in front of all of us

this shared reality

otherwise called

the truth

sometimes the hand is a better lay

sometimes the hand is a better lay

if you’re together with someone because you need them more than you need to fix yourself

then you’re not fucking a partner

you’re fucking an excuse

and like any shitty excuse generated by your even shittier average joe

they always end up making no one happier all your friends trust you less and in the end make you look like more of a fool than before you tucked your balls away and tethered your mouth to her vagina

at least sexless friends aren’t afraid of letting you go or saying what’s on their mind

their happiness isn’t dependent on shared selfishness or fear of who they’ve sadly become

it’s based on making sure you stay in reality

and the only way of doing that is showing you the door you’ve honestly forgotten you walked through all those years ago

conflicting compensation

conflicting compensation

everyone is quick to point to another’s pure source of success

their singular talent luck looks or prime ruthlessness

yet by marginalizing their effect by what can only be repeated and spread through written and spoken narrative

you don’t identify why they’ve become who they are

you identify what you personally desperately lack

for how many times have you shared a common privilege with another and had the balls to admit you both only are sitting here because of that privilege?

No we are so god damn good at being individuals and scripting our own favorable histories and forthcoming futures we couldn’t possibly reveal to everyone and ourselves that our own secret sauce wasn’t so secret and wasn’t so tasteful

we love to judge we love to explain and we love to predict

we just hate judging and explaining ourselves

instead we do that to others in hopes of shedding off our own self hatred and jealousy

because if I’m worrying so much of what he has had done or could do

then I simply can’t offer any of my so called precious time and energy toward pointing my one and only tried and true judgemental finger

right back at myself

only the friendless get off pain free

only the friendless get off pain free

one difficulty of enjoying any notable friendship is the eventual decline and tragic closure from its fruitful beginnings

if the partnership had any legs to sprint into something meaningful for both of you

then that likewise admits there was something lacking for one or both of you in the beginning

at the end of the road it’s only a gain of downward change sickening growth or painful stress because at the start you benefitted from a loss of downward change sickening growth or painful stress

no one becomes friends because that person didn’t affect them for the better

those others are really acquaintances you purposely avoid don’t call back or forget after your next morning commute

now what you’re feeling today is just the contrast of all that was shared between you two at journeys start

without the ruminating pain of how this is so different so boring or so lacking in friendly effort

you wouldn’t be feeling anything at all

and that feeling is absolute proof that the person was is or still could be important later on

again no ones body wastes the energy of genuine hatred like any sincere villain upon people that mean nothing to them

those meaningless people are the guys we pass on the highway and don’t even flake a horn their way

these true friends we must leave aren’t those drive by randos

theyre people who’ve marked their territory in your heart

with much beginning unforgettable pleasure

and hopefully only terminally temporary pain

just a thought lighter

just a thought lighter

you can go through the day worrying about what you might say speak or think


you can sleep at night resting upon what you’ve already said done and shared

it doesn’t take 8 hours a night to rise a fulfilled person

it only takes a single breath of air

you just have to open your mouth

and let it out

one is enough for two

one is enough for two

the saddest flaw of us humans is when the chips are out and cards are up

we don’t fail to see what is coming nor fail to know how to react

it’s just we fail to care enough about someone else that we’d rather allow fear and our own doubt denial and duplicity to sweep up the winnings

than be strong and humble enough to take our remaining free hand

and for once in life trust we can still hold on with the other just fine

and use it not to double down within the fight of protecting what we believe is rightfully ours

but use it to share with one, one more, and another

not because they would

but because you could

you complete me

you complete me

androids only seem smart efficient and robust because iPhones seem simple dumb and weak

iphones only seem beautiful studied and pleasant because androids seem obtuse ugly and loud

the only reason your phone of choice is the best one is because you implicitly believe the other choice is not

when you’re buying one

youre selling your love to the first

and trading your pain to the second

the blind are always at risk but never bored

the blind are always at risk but never bored

I’ll be first to say happiness is a mislabeled and misunderstood feeling

it’s not something you obtain by thoughtful practical patient choice

it’s received from the opposite

it’s really what we don’t label as an emotion


something new wonderfully tangible from the act of literally not trying to get anything at all

just doing something new

now here’s where you ask why is it so many claim happiness at the end of their long profitable journeys

that feeling which confuses the masses since the birth of published and outspoken wisdom and dramatic profitable biography is not at all happiness

well friends thats relief

from what?

The self deprecating deceitful and pandering pain of mans trap from trying to earn wage to obtain something already known as free

a fools naive childish and unfettered happiness

switch hitting before the 7th stretch

switch hitting before the 7th stretch

the poors problems are solved by the rich

the richs problems are solved by the poor

the poor discuss envy of being rich as much as the rich discuss fear of being poor

there is little compromise between the two ideologies

and odder than that is the refusal of either party to stand up and just try out for the other team

perspective bodes far better in the long term than depreciating currency and appreciating jealousy

because its value isn’t determined by someone else

it’s determined by you

futures are a fine investment but poor return

futures are a fine investment but poor return

we talk about the powerful by means of symbols and aggregated future availability

what they receive from their endeavors equates to what they receive from our attention and desire

if money produces options for enjoyment love and security

what does it mean when money is stale in electronic figures behind federally protected confines?

can money be worth anything before it’s traded for anything the more tangible?

before that moment then money isn’t real

it’s as fake as your supposed dreams fears and spoken word you waste to describe the people whom possess more than you

nothing but the dirty and infectious air you release like an erroneous burp from a bloated meal

dead empty air you can’t wait to let pass

paperweight paper

paperweight paper

is your value determined by what you earn or what you produce?

what would your value be if your currency became worthless?

does your job exist because it helps make create a transaction between consumption, greed, lust, and ignorance?

why does making everything in this world easier equally make it more complex and demanding?

are collision deaths worth the time saved on our commutes?

or the falsified weight of green linen worth the imaginary anxious pollution that burdens you before bed every night?

Hermits are hermits because we all know the loudmouth

Hermits are hermits because we all know the loudmouth

(speed jibberish elapsed time 1m)

having your palm open to the freedom of the world is no different than grasping to every last bit you believe you already own

for the moment you decide to stand and change is the same moment you lose what you protect

an open hand is only as good as the air between fingers

to change embrace and connect

means to exchange compromise and await

as you’re everywhere at once means you’re nowhere right now

the decision to be nothing

is just deciding to be something

so you might as well stop waiting

and accept what’s been ahead all this time

the real pain of letting go and actually accepting the difference now set forth

they only want your dick status and attention

they only want your dick status and attention

(speed philosophy elapsed time just woke up)

the highest form of game is really between two straight males

sure it takes pizazz openers closers and fancy breaks of last minute resistance to drop the panties of any HB8+ especially if you’re not gifted over 5’10 or don’t have a face better than the woman you’re trying to bed (but seriously in this age of video games and career obsession what guy really does?)

but despite my long defense of traditional game I’m still saying it’s not only harder to game another straight male it’s more rewarding

(and I always ask why?)

well because to game another straight guy means you have to win him over without the hidden subtext of a sexual reward at evenings close

unlike women the guy won’t be getting anything warm close and dirty on his crotch if all things go well between you two

unlike women the guy won’t be getting any free attention whoring texts status enhancing photos or brag worthy stories for all her close “girlfriends”

unlike women the guy you’re talking to doesn’t get anything immediate socially useful or physically pleasurable except what he already has to offer back to you

an open ear good conversation and if he’s of caliber wit then a few well timed laughs

and I’m still out here saying that it takes far more game to win over a random guy than desirable hottie

the hottie always wants something that anyone the clever will unearth

the guy doesn’t

he just probably wants to be treated like another fair human being

and that’s exactly why all you men will be chasing terminal pussy and never have the capacity or perspective to use that energy toward something more meaningful:

helping another dude out

smiles unlike sex are always for free

smiles unlike sex are always for free

(speed philosophy 4 slices small pizza)

being nice is actually the final key to success

sure being the nice guy doesn’t get you any pussy

and im not saying you being strictly nice Will get you pussy.

It wont

Everyman needs to learn how to get laid with the tools offered at his disposal. You’re no different

I’m saying that nice is the final key because it’s exactly what no one at the top does

they don’t do it because it’s just like driving a shitty 90s civic or liking old country buffet:

its associated with fuckups, the fat and lazy, and people who don’t make any dollar

but being nice is the final key because like the Seahawks at their probable last super bowl in near future, no one will expect it coming

when they know how much you make who your friends are and what you really desire they already have you figured out

asshole is predictable

you just always choose the best option for yourself and share nothing with no one

nice is truly the chaotic choice of bad boys


cuz like an std it’s randomly contagious unpredictable and only hurts people who really deserve it

it’s the card you play not because you can afford it

but because it’s what you play when you’ve already won