Aside: Out of Focus

Out of Focus

Men are only men

Women are only women

Men are not women

Special snowflakes are seen under precise, calculated, and engineered conditions

Any difference and unique trait is only visible at this microscopic level

Yet at the same time

Under this very same microscopic level

You not only see they’re made up of the exact same stuff as the next one

But they also possess the exact same inherent properties as the next one

And all adhere to the exact same fundamental tendencies as the next one

Even more

Under naked, everyday human eyes

Those same eyes you use for your friends, family, and self

Snowflakes, special or not, all pretty much look, act, and feel the same

No child ever woke up on Christmas morning for the romantic dream of “finding” a single snowflake to love

They instead appreciate every piece of snow for its own perfectly cold, bittersweet truth

Sometimes fun, imaginative, and beautiful

Equally cruel, unforgiving, and amoral

Almost identical wherever you “find” it or it “finds” you

And always fleeting under warmer conditions

So why would you think your ideal partner is any different?

Because their hidden truth hurts more

than your obvious lie