Aside: only the friendless get off pain free

only the friendless get off pain free

one difficulty of enjoying any notable friendship is the eventual decline and tragic closure from its fruitful beginnings

if the partnership had any legs to sprint into something meaningful for both of you

then that likewise admits there was something lacking for one or both of you in the beginning

at the end of the road it’s only a gain of downward change sickening growth or painful stress because at the start you benefitted from a loss of downward change sickening growth or painful stress

no one becomes friends because that person didn’t affect them for the better

those others are really acquaintances you purposely avoid don’t call back or forget after your next morning commute

now what you’re feeling today is just the contrast of all that was shared between you two at journeys start

without the ruminating pain of how this is so different so boring or so lacking in friendly effort

you wouldn’t be feeling anything at all

and that feeling is absolute proof that the person was is or still could be important later on

again no ones body wastes the energy of genuine hatred like any sincere villain upon people that mean nothing to them

those meaningless people are the guys we pass on the highway and don’t even flake a horn their way

these true friends we must leave aren’t those drive by randos

theyre people who’ve marked their territory in your heart

with much beginning unforgettable pleasure

and hopefully only terminally temporary pain