Aside: Senses Don’t Lie, People Do

Senses Don’t Lie, People Do

When you’re unhappy with someone it’s because of you

Not them

They’re not how you sense, feel, and think

They’re just people

You react with your senses. Your senses create your feelings. And your feelings are what you’re unhappy about

Not them

Actions are amoral until we humans make them not

The problem we all have is needing others to change so we feel better about our own lives

I’m sorry

But change never exists until you first believe it does

Their actions only have effect when you sense, feel, and think differently about them

How else would you know they “changed for the better” if you didn’t?

How else would you know they “made you unhappy” in the first place if you didn’t?

Consciously or not

Your own emotional reaction and personal judgement are the causes of your distress

Not them

It’s not about the if, you

It’s simply about the when, I

I’m sure if you ask those same horrible friends, they’d repeat the same rotten fiction you unknowingly read to yourself every night:

It’s not me. It’s you

The catch, though, is that real change you’ve been seeking only happens when you accept that to be false

Because at that very same moment it then stops being their outer lie

And finally becomes your inner truth

you just have to feel it