Aside: More Sharks in the Water

More Sharks in the Water

Is a perfect weekend seeing a very tall (*sometimes* nice) old friend Eunice Oh​, partying (PG-rated of course) with current friends, and (what I do best) responsibly going to bed *early enough* every night to still do some Sunday work emails?


It’s being able to physically sit down with all said people who always cared about me, then allowing them to fix my life for once because they’re finally using that charming, jerkboy confidence to reveal their true thoughts to this lucky guy here.

And in the end, it’s also rewarding them like any respectable cad would: effortlessly sharing my classic asshole-like, yet agreed upon more charming smile the moment I too accepted that all truly special things in my life were experienced not by my own doing…

But only with the help, love, and support of my closest friends.


MISS YOUR SALT AND PEPPER HAIR Bobby Nguyen​. So chic. So old.

Brian Liao​: (well not much can be added that everyone already hasn’t complimented him on)

Hoang VuBryant Fujino​: For helping me learn how to properly ski. Though admit it, I totally crushed the snowstorm this year.

Andy Yang​: 7 years, 6 months, I finally matched the master at drinking.

Steven NguyenDaniel Lee​: Thanks for not yelling me at Hearthstone. You know I’m sensitive about my card games.