Aside: Grimes Speaks the Truth

Talent is Polarizing

A deservedly hypeworthy artist, Grimes, shared advice from a recent Rookie compilation:

“You will never hear more people tell you that you’re wrong than when you’re succeeding.”

“People are judgmental about everything—often because they feel threatened. Ignore them.”

A deservedly hypeworthy anti-feminist, Roosh V, wrote similar sentiments:

“Everyone is hoping that you’ll fail. 

Beta males are hoping. White knights are hoping. Feminists are hoping. Believe it or not, some of your friends and family members are hoping. They want you to fail because your success is their failure. It reminds them of their laziness, their poor work ethic. I’m sorry to tell you that they all want you to fail. Their subtle jabs and withholding of encouragement are aimed to keep you in an inferior station. No one wants to see someone rise at faster speed than themselves.

There is no point in telling other people your goals. They will talk you out of it or give you bad advice. There is no point trying to convince others of your world view. They will plant seeds of doubts that prevent you from action and seeing the truth. The minute you go just slightly higher than you have been, they will try to sabotage you. They are the worrymongers, fearmongers, scaremongers, shamemongers, guilt-trippers, trolls, and haters. Ignore them. Feeding them brings you down to their level, which is exactly what they want.

You’re completely on your own. You don’t need help from anyone. If you can’t reach your goals without the validation and support of other human beings, the bulk of whom I promise are against you, then you don’t deserve to succeed.”

How can a much revered indie artist receive the same amount of hate as a guy who explains how to funnel women for the fastest bangs?

Don’t we want the too-cute-to-be-true-pixie-synth-princess to win?

Shouldn’t good be good and bad be bad?


Talent doesn’t care. It’s polarizing. It has no morals, right, or wrong

Talent is blind

Jealousy isn’t, though

Jealousy, unlike talent, is normal

And for some reason, admitting you’re jealous isn’t normal

Normal people get normal results

But who wants to be normal?

they do