gray over heels


Only the foolish plan and pay for futures that never will exist until it’s too late.

[343 words]

wait a second

how do you know you’d like to retire “early” not lift a finger and live off your savings until the worms eat your brains out?

do you marry the dream of the woman before you even meet her date her fuck her and fight with her?

do you live in fear of a 3rd world war despite never witnessing or experiencing any evidence of its precipitation?

then why the fuck do you work slave and grossly over save for corporate America when you’re not even sure if you’d like it?

how can you possibly believe you’d love not working when you “passionately” abase your entire young life doing that one exact thing you want to quit: working

that’s kind of like dedicating your life to dreaming about a sport you’ve never played before but have been told it’s a cool sport to do and only truly stepping into the ring far past your prime and when all the audience has left the building for far better entertainment

i know you’re saying you like relaxation and the weekends

but that’s not retirement

that only feels great because it’s relief from your overstudied work week and with prior knowledge of your forthcoming return on that Monday you really wish wasn’t coming up

if you work your entire life to not work why not just take a year (or for you pussies 6 months) off and see if you actually wanted to fuck her for the rest of your life

if you’re like most foolish kids these days like yours truly that made it big off of the internet then you’ll realize that after that bigger break and even bigger deserved vacation the only thing you really wanna do is

not make more dollar

but just be happy to be around people doing real things talking real conversations

because after their mini retirement it suddenly becomes clearer than their wasteful yearly grind

that doing something daily

is always more rewarding than being paid or worse paying yourself to do absolutely and fundamentally nothing