Aside: Free from World’s Truth

Free from World’s Truth

Receiving what you eventually want is no different than what every self-help section, microphone wearing guru, and faded echo of westernized common sense repeats beyond seeming and applicable usefulness.

A simple result of three classic intersections: Your time, someone else’s opportunity, and—to the most equally unfortunate and doubtfully insecure—whatever inherent talent you wish you righteously deserve.

Receiving what you eventually need is, however, not the result of anything at all.

Not the dutiful accumulation of “hard work”, thoughtful purchase of “best selling” printed page, or even logical adoption of “wisdom” from the richest successes of past and present history.

Just the mere change of the one single thing we immediately fixate upon birth, pridefully discard entering adulthood, and yet sadly only discover again minutes before our very own anxious, inevitable, and absolutely necessary death: