enjoyment is a feeling not a plan


Money is already known to burden relationships and health but I’m all for letting you know it limits your daily enjoyment of reality.

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people are always confusing their perceived worth of an object with its attached currency figure instead of focusing on their actual desire of it

you want to purchase something

but immediately after your desire of it

you begin a series of calculations to argue whether or not “this makes sense”

it usually goes

its price / your current free cash / your total saved cash / your future cash / is this “cheap” or “expensive” or a “deal” / is this “smart” or “stupid” / do I “need” this or not / what other combination of items could I purchase instead

you suddenly generate a series of conclusions bartering for the purchase and against the purchase

for the hard working proletariat and frugally defendant it’s more often against it than for it

you suddenly begin comparing an object with numbers, projections, morals, attitudes, and utility

you suddenly picture your world in terms of conceptual and normative statements based on how you’d “feel after the purchase” rather than judge your actual “feel for the purchase”

you suddenly fail to give your body the time to determine by summed feeling whether or not you actually want the object

and don’t forget your body is quite intelligent

it beats your heart, moves your neurons, and fights the common cold

all without you having to compare a god damn thing

now back to your “brain’s” main point it’s unfortunately entirely impossible to determine how you’d “feel after the purchase”

those are future moments, happenings, and reflections a result of even more future moments, happenings, and reflections you have yet to encounter

nowadays common sense and tacky scientific studies prevail here with the popular notion that you’d like it less over time

of course this makes sense because in the future you aren’t purchasing this item you’re owning it

and with that in mind it’s no different than any other experience like a job or lover you grow weary of across your age

that’s not an fatalistic attribute of the “overpriced” “non-essential” desired object

it’s a humanistic attribute of your own adaptability

so what I’m trying to point out is when we desire to purchase we tend to side with our “thinking” and “calculative” mind over our actual desire

we side with all the years we’re inevitably going to like it less over the moments and experiences of actually liking it for what it’s emotionally worth to you at this very place in time

to the many irresponsible and foolish this is their trump to remain free from ruin

but for everyone else the stable it just means they prevent themselves from enjoying what they earn more than they don’t

they’d rather enjoy dry black electronic numbers on their bank statements and “piece of mind” at night as they tally their past, present, and future personas before bed

they’d rather enjoy feeling good about the speculative empty air of “what they could purchase” later

they’d rather settle for a falsified stress induced planning of pleasure for now and future instead of trading their 9-5 tears of sweat and agony into something actually tangible and real

that doesn’t make a lot of sense because with this mindset when they do want to eventually spend that hard earned capital

they’re just going to delay it even more until they painfully encounter the first time in life they must start spending more than they earn

that’s what we call “retirement”

and if you’re like everyone else you’ll suffer like hell in this supposed period of “relief” because you don’t know how to function without the conceptual financial security crutch you relied so dearly upon during your “hard working” youth

now you might throw a small jab my way about how that clever mind usually makes the correct decisions over time

and I’d point right back across the table with the question

does it?

how many regrets have you had with decisions based on allowing your calculative mind to override your feelings?

how many times have you had to “change” your mind “accept defeat” or “quit” because it wasn’t working out from what you or someone else “planned”?

probably a lot more than you’ve regretted based on your own bodily urges

because unlike all those predictive scenarios you’re used to playing out in your imagination

you don’t have a whole lot of experience or trials to count towards those played only by your gut instincts

so I guess now when you do the math and look at the facts

doesn’t it make complete perfect logical sense

to just face reality

go with what the “numbers” are pointing towards

and just try something new?