Aside: dream about pain to wake in pleasure

dream about pain to wake in pleasure

You’ve already forgotten so many things you desperately wanted in life

that good grade

that fun trip

that new raise

that last girlfriend

obvious us humans adjust to our environment and this means we’ll tire of every meaningful upgrade we lust for before bed the moment we finally receive it

our emotional attention span is a steady pulse and spikely interruptions are those frequent desires that always get averaged out over the days and years

have you thought about using our boredom to your advantage

that experiencing what youre always thinking about stops you from wanting that same thing?

that experiencing what youre always scared of stops you from fearing that same thing?

So if you believe one idea concept or feeling is paining you every day

just jump right into it and experience it like you would the opposite positive layman obsession like buying your house or marrying your dream girl

so if you are fearful of losing money

just spend it and see how you eventually adjust back to normal

so if you are fearful of liking someone

just allow yourself to fully love them right now and see how you eventually adjust back to normal

we all agree infatuation with greed is just as bad as infatuation with human lust

i say it’s only unhealthy because that infatuation is a shamed feeling people keep trapped in their minds due to false insecurity of what happens “when it all comes out”

when your body blisters from too much energetic new friction you usually pop it to relieve the tension and allow it to heal

holding in your fears and feelings is no different

those fears become reality because you are tangibly making them alive as you deicde to fight their mere existence

they only exist because you identified them as existing

and they only hurt

because you gave them the power to hurt you

thoughts and feelings aren’t physical

they don’t have arms legs or any muscle

and they don’t even have a useful mind to control it

but you know who does?

you do

You just haven’t believed in it yet