Aside: Do You Play to Win?

Do You Play to Win?

Why is idolizing attractiveness a bad thing? 

“Comic, game, and illustration companies are as much to blame for objectifying women (and in some cases men) … as the fans are,” Alexa Heart, a cosplay artist said. “They’ve made the characters sex objects by giving them overly enhanced chests, tiny waists, and sexy outfits that barely take a yard of material to make a cosplay out of.”

“Of course, I’m uncomfortable with how unrealistic some of the drawings are,” Meredith Simmons, a cosplayer at New York Comic Con who was dressed as Poison Ivy, which happened earlier this month, told me. “But I like wearing this costume anyway, because it makes me feel sexy.”

No, I’m sorry Meredith, but what you see is perfectly realistic

To the best of my memory, I recall

Women do exist who look like them. They’re a dime a dozen in print, videos, and really good films. I don’t know, try Googling them if you’re still unsure.

And Alexa, people value attractiveness, good physical health, and the ability to take care of oneself

That last one is a skill, not a god-given trait


No, actually all of them are things we can improve if we try

When you’re rallying the troops against comic books that objectify human beings you’re also pointing your finger at everyone else on Earth

Do you also get angered at people who love romantic comedies? Oh my, aren’t they so fake?

We’re all lusting over the same thing—they just had the balls to draw it

I think it’s time you stop projecting your insecurities (onto them) and instead admit (to you):

 You’re just not that good at meeting peoples’ expectations

And that’s fine

But please stop thinking you’re good and they’re bad

Why do you shame others for what they like?

Here’s what isn’t attractive

Crying out of the game like a little child, stomping over the board, and ripping up the rules because you suck at following them

I’m sure you can agree we hate sore losers more than…well…

unrealistic expectations

So, please

If you’re going to continue whining

Do us all a favor

and go to time out