dirty yet necessary swiping


There’s a troublesome amount of notable feelings we incorrectly label as love.

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why is it we place so much emphasis on fidelity

most of time it’s rarely premeditated and not without the exact same plausible deniability as a drunk driving car accident:

(and I quote)

I was drunk / they were drunk

we moved too fast

it just happened

I can’t explain why I did that

I’m so deeply sorry for hurting anyone

It was only for one night

why do people end years of great relationships the moment they realize their hotties crotch rubbed up against another hotties crotch?

Now if true love is really wanting to make that person happy unconditionally, even at some cost to your own happiness

then wouldn’t allowing them a few drunken fuckup a make sense to keep them happy?

what if they allowed you to do things that hurt them a but it made you happier than it hurt them

you see that’s the problem with romance

it’s not fucking love. It’s selfish tingles

romance is finding a slave hottie and keeping them around as long as YOU feel good, they make YOU feel good, and they make YOU feel tingles

the moment YOU start feeling pain from whatever they do, whether get lazy, fuck another person, or get in inevitably 9 to 5 fat

then YOU break up with them because YOU don’t feel the same way about them

now when you look at it that way

romance isn’t love

it’s a chemical drug disguised as partners that people use to make them feel good about themselves

if you truly loved someone

you’d just want them to be happy

just like how you love and respect your favorite novels

they could be screwing around on a friends bookshelf

and I’m sure you’d feel the same about it because it’s not about WHAT that thing is doing

its about WHO that thing really is

as you love them

your feeling toward them isn’t based on what they’re doing to you

it’s based on what you allow them to do for themselves

so let go