Die fast die young but die happy


Your happiness isn’t a product of thoughtful choice but of finite release.

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(No draft wrote this live on the plane from Seattle back to LA first take. Unfiltered One go. No editing. No pausing. No thinking)

Editors note as I publish: think Kyle nailed this new format. His first two takes (Cool and crazy love) were prototypes but it seems he learns quickly enough and this is polished as shit despite him doing this live without stopping and a mile high in the sky as well. GJ kyle.

Normal people spend all their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re actually doing

While walking they’re thinking of WHERE they’re going. When driving they’re thinking of WHY they’re going.

They’re not actually just doing what they should be doing: performing that activity

They spend the few minutes in between these activities such as sitting before bed or in the shower enjoying and reflecting on their day and this is where they say they “feel” enjoyment.

However this isn’t enjoyment. Because enjoyment is a feeling. You can’t feel enjoyment and think at the same time.

Just try to “feel good” right now and continue reading this sentence.

Thought so.

So these guys are in the shower and trying to evaluate what happened in their day. They see what happened, determine if it was one or two outcomes: good or bad.

If more things were judged to be “good” then they allow themselves to feel safe, secure, and good because they believe they did well

On bad days, if the bad outnumber the good, then they feel insecure, worried, and bad because they believe they did poorly.

So in these moments of actual physical enjoyment– from a first date, first kiss, and first time fuckin’ around– they’re always evaluating what just happened instead of actually listening, talking, and getting their dicks wet and dirty.

For them to “feel anything” they must thinking so. They must prove using their logic and assumptions that they did “correctly” based on their own observations and beliefs about their performance and even worse, someone else’s thoughts.

Those thoughts we always try to “read” and “assume” but ever have the balls to simply just ask, are the basis of their “happiness”.

Now you should just ask yourself how many times in your life you’ve read, received, or analyzed the completely incorrect information.

From the scientific study that got disproven to the famous celebrity who was revealed to be a fake, our knowledge is never truth until proven otherwise.

And the same goes with enjoying life.

You can’t enjoy life unless you actually allow it to be true.

That’s only done by getting out of the fuckin’ way and for once in your life Being perfectly okay allowing yourself to freely see what happens

Because when allow your self this primal Neanderthal privilege, you’ll reap the primal Neanderthal privilege:

Genuine unobstructed caveman happiness.

So just be fuckin’ happy.

Because that’s why you’re doing all of this, right?