Aside: Can You Answer Honestly

Can You Answer Honestly

Are you 100% perfectly comfortable dying alone?

If you really liked who you were, would it be that bad?

Doubt it

The only thing in this world you’re given full control over are your own thoughts

And even more, this means

No one can love you as much as you can love yourself

How can they?

Do they know what you’re truly thinking? And experienced?

What? Do they say that’s narcissistic?

I’m sorry beta male shitlords who are sexually frustrated (and, well, psychologists who also don’t get laid)

But someone loving you is a feeling that only has value once you accept you’re worthy of it

Self-esteem is developed

Not traded between bedsheets

Or swiped over your phone

No doctor

Or lover

Can fix your own feelings

You’re so silly to lust after their love

If you can’t even produce your love

And then, how do you define their love?

Love is an abstract definition

Relative to who, what, and where

And up to you

Why do you chase after someone to validate your existence?

A better choice, be it one that no one can take away, is to

love yourself first

Like all memorable stories

This must start and end with a hero


If you don’t believe me, just pinch yourself


You already exist fine and goddamn well

Now live with it